Water & Sewer

Town of Liberty Water and Sewer Department

Water Services
We are so fortunate to have the freshest, cleanest water in the Triad. We pump water from as deep as 900 feet, from 8 strategically placed wells throughout our City. Pure and clean water with no harmful additives.

Our water is PRECIOUS. If you discover a water leak anywhere in town, IMMEDIATELY call 911 and report it.

Sewer Services
Liberty has 23 miles of sewer lines (average diameter of 8 inches) running beneath our streets and aided by seven lift stations to move wastewater to our .5 million gallons per day (MGD) capacity wastewater treatment plant. We treat and irrigate with effluent water over 160 acres (8 zones) of land dedicated for this purpose. Our effluent spray irrigation permit is for up to 550,000 gallons per day but we normally treat about 320,000 gallons on an average day.